Our Window Installation Services

There is no denying that windows are a major component of any home. They let in beautiful natural sunlight that can really bring a room to life. Not only this, but they can provide just that perfect spring breeze on a warm day. Simply put, a home wouldn’t be a home without the right windows. The right windows being the keyword here. Check out what our window installation service in Connecticut CT company has to offer.

Our Awning Windows

Our awning windows feature a single sash that is hinged at the top. It utilizes a crank located at the bottom of the window and can be wound around to crank the window open in an outward motion. Most of the time we also mill the windows on one continuous frame, which gives them the ability to complement other windows that they are installed near.

Our Basement Windows

Our basement windows are much different than that of the awning windows. First, the open in an inward motion, which makes them perfect for any part of the home where the window is going to be level or even with the ground outside. The ones we install provide superior weatherstripping to ensure that everything that should stay outside does stay outside, while also letting you enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Our Bay Windows

What more needs to be said about bay windows? They practically sell themselves. We like to take a picture window and flank it with casement windows or double-hung windows. An arrangement of these three windows can create a look that is just stunning.

Our Bow Windows

Our bow windows are much like our bay windows. In fact, the only difference is that they extend from the home into the outside world to create a gentle curve. This makes them and bay windows the perfect option for anyone looking to add a little wall space to a confined area.

Our Casement Windows

Our casement windows as just like our awning windows in the fact that they are single hinged sash with a crank handle. However, a unique thing about these types of windows is that they can either be opened to the left or right. You can buy either a model that opens to the left or you can buy a model that opens to the right.

Our Double-Hung Windows

Our double-hung windows are a bit different than the other models mentioned here. And, this is because they feature two mobile sashes. These sashes can also be easily moved up and down, which offer quick and easy access for cleaning and maintaining purposes. With these windows, you can literally clean the exterior of the window while standing inside the home.

Our Garden Box Windows

A garden box window is much more of a combination of windows rather than just one window. This is what allows it to create such a unique effect. An effect that is somewhat similar to the bay and bow window. Our garden box windows feature middle picture windows that are flanked with two casements and a tempered glass roof.

Our Picture Windows

Our picture windows are ones that are permanently sealed. Now, you are probably thinking why would anyone want these, isn’t the whole purpose of a window to let in the air? Yes, windows can be used to let it air, but that is not all they are good for. They can let in natural light, and that is exactly what our picture windows do. They work on their own or can be combined with others to create a classic look.

Our Slider Windows

Our slider windows are also of the type that features two mobile sashes. These sashes can also be moved either to the left or right, which offers quick and easy access to the exterior of the window. If there are areas of the home that are going to be hard to reach from the outside then these will be your best option.

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