Cold Roofs Are Great In Connecticut

Connecticut is a gorgeous place and it is filled with amazing people. However, you need to realize that you’re going to run into serious problems with your roof. After all, Connecticut receives a lot of snow throughout the year and this can create various problems for your roof. You cannot allow the snow to damage your home and this is why you should think about installing a cold roof. This one of the best roofing systems for people who live in extremely cold areas. However, it works great in hot areas too.

We are Connecticut’s top roofing professionals and we sincerely believe that you’re going to benefit from a cold roof. Within this guide, you’re going to learn more about cold roofs and our cold roofing services.

Our Services

We’re happy to say that we’ll be able to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you need to repair your roof or you want to install a cold roof, you can count on us to get the job done right.

  • We can install cold roofs in Connecticut
  • Repair and replacement services are available
  • We deal with roofing ventilation
  • Installation services for pitched roof vents

How It Works

Ultimately, the cold roofing process is complex for the roofing contractor. For the consumer, it doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you let us handle the installation, you can rest assured knowing that everything is going to be fine. Our team is comprised of the top cold roofing specialists in Connecticut. A cold roofing system will feature two layers. The first is nothing more than a skip sheathing. The second will feature more. And, you should know that we’ll add bituminous membrane to the first layer. To make things simple, you should know that a cold roof features two layers.

This increases the amount of airflow under the roof.

Why Switch?

Cold roofing systems are very beneficial. This could be one of the best options for people living in Connecticut. Since there is going to be more ventilation, you can guarantee that the top layer of the roof is going to remain cool during the winter. It will also remain cool during the summer months. This ensures that your shingles are not going to be damaged by excessive heat during the summer. During the winter, this minimizes the risk that ice dams are going to develop.

Cold roofs are great for Connecticut residents. If you’d like to learn more, you should contact us so we can answer your questions.

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